Stranger #2

His name is Omar, I spotted him while I was leaving a coffee shop in downtown Tampa, Strolling down the walk I heard the acoustic music that I could only imagine was leaving the speaker of a nearby restaurant. Approaching him was unexpectedly easy, I admired his music for a moment then inquired as to whether I could take a photo. He said he was trying to learn a song for his father, one of his favorites so he could play it for him next time he sees him. I may not be right yet I got the feeling it may have been awhile scene he has seen his father, Looking back on it now I would have liked to ask him more about his dad and their relationship. I think this may be the reason the project is going so slowly for me. While the pictures worth a thousand words, I would prefer not to simply post a photo, I need to give you their story. That implies I need to get individuals to open up to me, I even have to find a way to put that into words and that's why harder than the picture. Photography comes a lot easier to me than writing. I trust along this journey I can develop in my written work as well as my photography.

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